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Contacting Us

Use this page to contact us or Wikia regarding our content.

Contacting ACNL Wiki[]

There's many ways to contact us here on the ACNL Wikia! Don't be afraid, we won't bite.

Contacting Administrators[]

Main article: Animal Crossing Wiki:Administrators

If you wish to contact an ACNL Wiki Administrator, you may do so by going to the Administrator page and typing a message into their message wall.

Reporting Vandalism/Spam[]

Main article: Animal Crossing Wiki:Page Markers

From time to time the Wiki may be subject to vandalism and spam. Usually this can be solved by reverting the edit using the page history.

However, some vandalism can come in the form of new pages with no purpose other than to disrupt. These cannot be removed without Admin Powers. If you feel this is the case, use one of our Page Marker to bring it to the attention of other editors and Administrators.

Contacting Wikia[]

Some times issues may be beyond our control. If you wish to conact Wikia about their Terms of Use, go to Wikia Community Central.

Copyright Infringement[]

If you hold the copyright to an image or file and have not given us or any of our users permission, please see Wikia's Terms of Use, and going to "Claims of Copyright Infringement".