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Animal Crossing Wiki: To Do List

Need something to do but not sure where to start? Well you're at the right place! These tasks make use of the special pages system on Wikia.

Some tasks may require some hard work and dedication, so know what you're getting into before you jump onboard one of them! If there's a problem with a page, mark it with one of the relevent page markers to give it the attention it needs.

Simple Tasks

These tasks are for editors who are new to editing. Before you begin any of these tasks, be sure to read Help:Getting started

  • Dead-end Pages - These pages are not linked to.
  • Lonely Pages - These pages do not link to other pages.
  • Unused Files - These are uploaded files that are unused.
  • Stub Articles - These are pages that are short and incomplete.
  • Old Pages - These are pages that have not been edited recently and may be out of date.
  • Fewest Revisions - These are pages with too few revisions, and may be out of date.
  • Broken Redirects - These are pages being redirected to non-existent or the wrong pages.
  • Double Redirects - These are pages redirecting to other redirect pages.
Categorizing Tasks

These tasks are reasonably simple, but require knowledge on how to edit and add categories to pages and media on the Wiki. These sorts of tasks require knowledge on the type of categories that are used on the Wiki.

Time Consuming Tasks

These are tasks which may require some time to do. Good editing and wikicode knowledge are necessary.

  • Cleanup Articles - These articles have been marked as articles requiring a clean up.
  • Wanted Pages - These are pages which are linked to, but do not exist.
  • Short Pages - These are pages which are shot in length. They may need more information or Deleting
  • Long Pages - These are pages which are long in length. They may need splitting up or repeated information removed.
  • Broken Redirects -