Animal Crossing: New Leaf Wiki

The Alpine Series is a furniture series found exclusively in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. It's distinguishable by its pastel blue color and wooden frame. 

The entire series costs 26,320 Bells. The wood-grain color and fabric can be customized on all items. Click the separate furniture pages below for more information.

Picture Name Buy Price Sell Price Function Size
AlpineBed.jpg Alpine bed 2,400 Bells(2,880 Bells if the Bell Boom ordinance is in effect) 600 Bells Bed 2x1
AlpineChair.jpg Alpine chair 2,000 Bells(2,400 Bells if the Bell Boom ordinance is in effect) 500 Bells Chair 1x1
AlpineCloset.jpg Alpine closet 2,380 Bells(2,856 Bells if the Bell Boom ordinance is in effect) 595 Bells Storage 1x1
AlpineDresser.jpg Alpine dresser 2,200 Bells 550 Bells Storage 2x1
AlpineKitchenCart.jpg Alpine kitchen cart 1,960 Bells(2,352 Bells if the Bell Boom ordince is in effect) 490 Bells Decoration 1x1
AlpineLamp.jpg Alpine lamp 2,000 Bells 500 Bells Lamp 1x1
AlpineLowTable.jpg Alpine low table 2,000 Bells 500 Bells Table 2x1
AlpinePanel.jpg Alpine panel 1,800 Bells 450 Bells Wall Decoration 1 (wall)
AlpineShelf.jpg Alpine shelf 2,100 Bells 525 Bells Decoration 1x1
AlpineSofa.jpg Alpine sofa 2,360 Bells 590 Bells Sofa 2x1
LargeAlpineTable.jpg Large alpine table 2,400 Bells 600 Bells Table 2x2
AlpineRug.jpg Alpine floor 1,400 Bells 350 Bells Carpet N/A
AlpineWall.jpg Alpine wall 1,320 Bells 330 Bells Wallpaper N/A