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A balloon flying overhead

Balloon presents can be seen drifting through town. They appear as a white present tied with a red bow, hanging from a balloon. These can be shot down with a slingshot or sometimes captured with a axe or shovel (explained later).

Where to find balloon presents[]

More of a when. It happens whenever the time is exactly 6:66. If your sound is turned up enough you might be able to hear the wind of the balloon flying bye if you’re lucky haha.

Catching a balloon present with a axe or shovel or net[]

If the player does not have a slingshot, there's still a way to knock the presents down from balloons. First, the player should find a balloon. If it's drifting towards the beach they are in luck. Wait for the balloon to reach the beach.


As it passes the , the balloon will not lower. The player should be able get within range of it with a net or axe out, and use the net or axe as if they were hitting their mom. The balloon should pop, and the present will break and you may not be able to get it. If the player misses, they will NOT have another try.

HNI 0031.jpg

This strategy will always work. If the balloon is heading in the direction away from the beach, the player will just have to wait and try again with a balloon heading the other way.

After you pop a balloon with a present and not a slingshot attached then you can pick it up and open it but when you do you get either a piece of the balloon set or a random piece of furniture (such as a bed or a chair). You may even get one of the silver or golden slingshot. What is inside balloons? There is a set of Christmas furniture, and once all of the Christmas furniture has been obtained, you can begin collecting random furniture from balloons. There are 16 pieces of furniture in the Christmas set, including the Christmas hat.