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Type Currency
Stackable Yes
Availability Varies

Bells (ベル Beru) are the form of currency present in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. They are used to purchase things from shops such as Nooklings, Re-Tail, Crazy Redd, Gardening Shop, Kicks, and Able Sisters, as well as purchasing things like coffee from the Roost and a fortune from Katrina. Bells are also used to fund public works projects and upgrading the player's house.

Bells can be stacked in the player's inventory into bags of up to 99,000 Bells. Because of this, it is possible to carry up to 2,673,999 Bells on the player character at any given time, though only 1,683,999 Bells will be useable in shops, as 990,000 of it would have to be stored in letters, which do not add to the on-hand funds.

It is believed that one Bell is equivalent to one Japanese yen, which makes one US dollar about 100 Bells. This is supported in that items such as K.K. Slider's records cost about what they would in Japan (a music CD in Japan costs around ¥3000).


Bells are most commonly seen in tannish yellow sacks with large brown stars on them, tied close with a red rope or ribbon. This is what they look like in quantities larger than 1,000. 100 Bell coins are small yellow coins, with the same star insignia as seen on the bag.

Earning Bells[]

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There are many ways to earn money in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Click the link above to see a more detailed guide.

Players can earn money from many different sources. The player can sell items, fruits, shells, bugs, fish, fossils, and anything else that can be found. Bell rocks will also spawn in the town daily. For players who are serious about earning Bells, the mayor player can enact the Bell Boom ordinance to earn 20% more Bells with each item sold. Re-Tail will also have daily specials on the board out front. Most players also like to play the Stalk Market to earn lots of money.