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"I caught a blue marlin! What a true darlin'!"

Blue Marlin
Scientific Name
Makaira nigricans
Makaira - Spearfish
Time of Year
Time of Day
All day
Selling Price
10,000 Bells

The Blue MarlinMakaira nigricans, is a rare oceanic fish found all day, between the months of July and September. It sells for 10,000 Bells.


An information board in the aquarium will provide information about this fish.

"Blue marlins are famous for their long, swordlike noses that give them the nickname "swordfish." They use their "swords" to knock out their prey before capture, not skewering it as you'd think. Able to swim as speeds above 60 mph, their speed and power make them a true test for any angler."

In real life[]


The Atlantic Blue Marlin is a species of marlin native to the Atlantic Ocean. They are also known as the Cuban Black Marlin, Ocean Gar, and Ocean Guard. Marlin can undertake long migrations, including repeatedly between the Caribbean Islands and Venezuela and the Bahamas, as well as between the Caribbean Saint Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands and West Africa. It is unknown if the trans-Atlantic fish ever return to the western Atlantic.

The larvae feed upon a variety of zooplankton along with drifting fish eggs and other larvae. They progress to feeding on a wide range of fishes, particularly scombrids such as mackerel and tuna; squid; and also, especially near oceanic islands and coral reefs, on juvenile inshore fish. By using its bill, it can stun, injure, or kill while knifing through a school of prey and then return later at its leisure to eat.