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"I caught a brown cicada! These things are everywhere!"

Brown Cicada
Scientific Name
Graptopsaltria nigrofuscata
Cicadidae - Cicadas
Time of Year
Time of Day
8am to 5pm
Selling Price
200 Bells

The Brown CicadaGraptopsaltria nigrofuscata, is a common bug that can be found on trees between 8am and 5pm, between the months of July and August. It can be sold for 200 Bells.


An information board in the bug exhibit will provide information about this bug.

"The crying of brown cicadas is usually associated with the sound of hot oil sputtering. Their wings are brown instead of being transparent, making them a rare species throughout the world. While completely harmless by themselves, in swarms they can cause devastation to crops."

In real life


The Large Brown Cicada can be found across East Asia, including Japan, the Korean Peninsula, and China, as well as in New Zealand. They are also called "Aburazemi" (アブラゼミ) in Japanese, and "Tatarakihi" in Māori. Large Brown Cicadae are usually about 55 to 60mm long, having a wingspan of roughly 75mm. The males make a loud chirping that ends with a click caused by a flick of the wings.

Cicada nymphs will suck sap from the xylem of various species of tree, including oak, cypress, ash, and maple.