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The Bug-Off is a special event that takes place once a month between the months of June and September. The competition starts at 9am and ends at 6am. During this time, the businesses in town are shut down and the player cannot make public ordinances or work projects.


The Bug-Off host is Nat, a chameleon. He rates the bugs the player gives him based on size, rarity, color and luster. Smaller and duller bugs will net fewer points. An oak silk moth or a birdwing butterfly can bring in 80 to 120 points. The winner is the one to turn in a bug with the highest point value. This can be either a player or a villager.

The Bug-Off is the only way to obtain furniture from the insect series. To obtain a piece of furniture the player must beat his/her previous high score. To do this he/she can turn in a small, dull colored bug and slowly increase the catches in size and color until the player turns in a bug such as an oak silk moth or a birdwing butterfly. Getting 3rd place gets a bronze trophy, getting second place earns a silver trophy, and first place gets a gold trophy. 

If the player gets high enough points Nat will give a gift. Some bugs are worth less than 10 points like a mosquito some are worth a lot like a Goliath beetle. The player can catch Goliath beetles by going to the island at night between 7 pm to 11 pm 

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