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The Cabin series is a furniture series found in Animal Crossing. It is a standard series, comprised of 11 furniture pieces, a wallpaper and a carpet. It is based around a traditional log cabin, and all of the pieces are made of logs and raw-wood cut into sections and put together as furniture.

List of items in the Cabin Series[]

Picture Furniture Name Buy Price Sell Price Origin Colors Customization Options Type Size Additional Notes
Cabin armchair.jpg Cabin armchair 2,736 Bells Normal Wood & Cloth Chair 1x1
Cabin bed.jpg Cabin bed 2,880 Bells Normal Wood & Cloth Bed 2x1
Cabin bookcase.jpg Cabin bookcase 2,760 Bells Normal Wood & Books Decoration 2x1
Cabin chair.jpg Cabin chair 1,700 Bells 425 Bells Normal Wood Patchy Tree

Birch Tree

Chair 1x1
Cabin clock.jpg Cabin clock 2,000 Bells Normal Wood Clock 1x1
Cabin couch.jpg Cabin couch 2,480 Bells Normal Wood & Cloth Sofa 2x1
Cabin dresser.jpg Cabin dresser 2,160 Bells Normal Wood Storage 2x1
Cabin low table.jpg Cabin low table 2,520 Bells Normal Wood & Cloth Table 2x1
Cabin table.jpg Cabin table 2,100 Bells Normal Wood Table 2x2
Cabin wall clock.jpg Cabin wall clock 1,800 Bells Normal Wood N/A
Cabin wardrobe.jpg Cabin wardrobe 2,480 Bells Normal Wood Storage 1x1
Cabin rug.jpg Cabin flooring 1,540 Bells Normal Carpet N/A
Cabin wall.jpg Cabin wall 1,200 Bells Normal Wallpaper N/A