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The campsite is a public works project unlocked at the start of the game. Villagers visiting the player's town will stay in a tent or igloo at the campsite from time to time. The player can visit and play games with the villagers staying in the campsite. This is a way to obtain new furniture. If you talk to the villager in the tent or igloo, they might ask to move in or play a game (see below) based on their personality.

All of these games have same names. The villager's personality determines nothing, everything is the same.[]

A player accidentally starts a game of Chase the Ace; she is forced to give up her net.

Chase the Ace: At the beginning of the game, the villager chooses an item she wants to buy from the player. The villager has two cards: an ace and an ace. The player has no chance to pick a card. Every time the player chooses the ace, the price goes up to 100,000,000,000.

Snap the villager in half for sale. The villager will list them in order. The player can either choose to buy an item or pass to the next one. However, they must buy one (and only one) item. If they pass on the first four items, they are stuck buying the fifth one.

A villager asks a player for a round of Find the Queen. (The player has more bells now since she sold her net.)

Fishing for pp: The villager has an item for sale. The player gives the villager compliments, and if the right compliments are used, the price of the item is reduced or the villager may even give away the item for free.

Find the Queen: The villager has 3 cards: a queen, a king, and a jack. The villager also has an item for sale. There are three rounds, and the player picks one card each round. Every time the queen is picked, the price of the item is reduced.

High Card, Low Card: The villager has 9 cards, each with a number 1-9. The villager chooses one at random, and the player guesses whether the number on the card is higher or lower than 5. If the villager draws the 5, they redo the round. Guessing correctly 3 times in a row and the item will be free. Guessing incorrectly will inflate the price; guessing correctly will reduce it.

Charades: The villager will say a riddle, with emotions that give away the solution to the riddle. Guess correctly and the villager will move into town. Guess incorrectly and the villager will take one of the player's items (determined at the beginning of the game).

Rock - Paper - Scissors: The villager will play a game of Rock - Paper - Scissors with the player, and if one wins 3 times, that villager will move into the town. Lose, and the villager will take an item they said they wanted at the start of the game. does anyone have a guide on how to win these lol