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"I caught a cicada shell! It's just a shell of its former self!"

Cicada Shell
Scientific Name
Cicadidae - Cicadas
Time of Year
Time of Day
All day
Selling Price
100 Bells

The Cicada Shell is an uncommon bug that can found on trees all day between the months of July and August. It sells for 100 Bells. Cicada Shells cannot be scared off, unless you shake the tree or chop it with your axe, making them very easy to catch.


An information board in the bug exhibit will provide information about this bug.

"Cicada larvae emerge from the ground in the evening and molt on trees, leaving behind empty shells. It's possible to find out the species of cicadas just be looking at these shells. Collecting the shells will tell you how many and what kind of cicadas inhabit a certain area."

In real life[]


Cicada Shells are left behind when a cicada molts. In Japan, it is a summer pastime for children to collect both cicadas and the shells, because the shell is seen as a symbol of evanescence, since cicadas only live long enough to attract a mate and complete the process of fertilization.

In China, the shells of cicadas are used in traditional medicines.