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Club LOL

is a new building in Animal Crossing: New Leaf run by Dr. Shrunk. The building serves two purposes. During the day, Dr. Shrunk can be found inside. If a player brings him a snack such as fruit, he will perform and teach the player a new emotion. Every Saturday night after 8pm, the player can watch K.K. Slider perform, though every other night he plays remixed versions of his songs under the guise of DJ K.K.

Building Requirements[]

After upgrading the Nookling Junction to T&T Mart, Dr. Shrunk will appear outside the mayor's house next time he or she starts up the game. He will ask for permission to build a new business on Main Street. The player has the option to give him permission, ask him what he wants to build, or decline.

If the player chooses to give him permission, he will ask for six signatures from the villagers in town. The player is given a clipboard, which opens up the option to ask for a signature when talking to a villager. After the signatures are acquired, talk to Dr. Shrunk on Main Street and give him the clipboard. The club will open 4-8 days later.

If the player declines, it is still possible to obtain Club LOL as a public works project. Unlike other public works projects, Club LOL does not cost any money to build.

Special Characters[]

Dr. Shrunk[]

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Dr. Shrunk is the owner of Club LOL, and a retired comedian. If the player brings him any type of fruit, he will perform a comedy act for them and teach a new emotion. Unlike previous titles, the player can store all 40 emotions in the joke book obtained from Dr. Shrunk, which can be found on the bottom screen, next to the chat button. Dr. Shrunk's comedy act is accessible between 12:30pm and 8:00pm, after which, K.K. Slider takes over.

K.K. Slider[]

After 8:00pm every Sunday through Friday evening, K.K. Slider will appear under the name DJ K.K. His performances are much more upbeat, remixed versions of his K.K. Slider songs. On nights when the outside signs are pink, DJ K.K. will play 8-bit versions of his songs. When the signs are blue, he'll play the regular remixes. From time to time, he will play a remixed version of the town tune. Players can dance using the D-Pad, and will automatically bob their head just by standing around.

The Gyroids on-stage can be swapped out or rearranged by going on stage during the day and pressing the A button next to them.