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Furniture upholsterer
January 26th

Cyrus (カイゾー Kaizō?) is an alpaca who appears in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. He works at Re-Tail with Reese, his wife and his business partner. He is the upholsterer and is in charge of altering furniture but his services are not accessible right from the start. He is first seen sleeping, and any attempts to wake him up will result in scolding from Reese. Cyrus remains asleep until certain conditions are met, but he is always asleep while the train station gate is open and/or there are other players in town.


Cyrus is an alpaca with blue-colored fur and tan skin. His "hairstyle" is similar to the regent wig item, and he wears a blue apron designed in similar fashion to his wife's apron.


Cyrus will awaken and provide his services only with the gate closed and no visitors. To use him, four conditions must be met:

  1. 100,000 Bells worth of items have been sold to Reese.
  2. 50 pieces of furniture have been cataloged (found at the Nookling Stores).
  3. 10 pieces of clothing cataloged (from the Able Sisters).
  4. The player has played for seven days.

[1]Cyrus crafts a golden toilet from gold ore. He is a talented craftsman with an array of refurnishing skills and crafting. He can re-customize any furniture the player brings to him, but only certain furniture such as chairs, sofas, and TVs are acceptable customized furniture. Cyrus can change a furniture's color or pattern, giving suggestions to the player for customization. If available, the player can use ore to crystallize the furniture. Cyrus also has the ability to turn any fossil into a miniature provided the player has a complete collection of that fossil set. Finally, at a cost of 3,000 Bells, he can take any of K.K. Slider's songs and turn it into a special music box housed inside a giant-clam shell (from the beach).