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"I caught a diving beetle! It's like I have sonar or something!"

Diving Beetle
Scientific Name
Dytiscus marginalis
Dytiscidae - Predaceous Diving Beetles
Time of Year
Time of Day
8am to 5pm
In freshwater
Selling Price
800 Bells

The Diving BeetleDystiscus marginalis, is an uncommon bug found in bodies of freshwater between 8am and 5pm, between the months of May and September. It can be sold for 800 Bells.

The only other bug caught on water is the Pondskater.


An information board in the bug exhibit will provide information about this bug.

"Diving beetles swim using thick, hairy hind legs and clean the water by eating dead insects. They store a supply of air under their wings to breathe underwater and surface to replenish as needed. When they're caught by predators, they release a foul-smelling bluish fluid from their heads in defense."

In real life[]


The Great Diving Beetle is a large aquatic insect native to Europe and northern Asia, and is particularly common in England. They live in fresh water, either still or slow-running, and seem to prefer water with vegetation. They are dark-coloured (brown to black) on their back and wing cases, and yellow on their abdomen and legs. The male’s wing cases are shiny, while the female’s are finely grooved. The larvae can grow up to 60mm in length, while the adults are generally between 27–35mm.

This species hunts a wide variety of prey, including other insects, tadpoles, and small fish. They usually fly at at night, when they use the reflection of moonlight to locate new water sources. Before they dive, they collect air bubbles in their wing cases which goes through the spiracles.