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Dresses are an article of clothing found in Animal Crossing: New Leaf . They cover the torso and where a skirt would be, so the player may not wear pants and a dress at the same time. Dresses are available at the Able Sisters' clothing shop and Gracie's.

Dress Guide





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ACNL- Blue Lace-Up Dress- Front.JPG
ACNL- Blue Lace-Up Dress- Back.JPG
Blue Lace-Up Dress 840 Bells 210 Bells Able Sisters
ACNL- Cake Tank Dress- Front.JPG
ACNL- Cake Tank Dress- Back.JPG
Cake Tank Dress 7,200 Bells 1,800 Bells Able Sisters
ACNL- Cat Dress- Front.JPG
ACNL- Cat Dress- Back.JPG
Cat Dress 864 Bells 216 Bells Able Sisters
ACNL- Chima Jeogori Dress- Front.JPG
ACNL- Chima Jeogori Dress- Back.JPG
Chima Jeogori Dress 1,056 Bells 264 Bells Able Sisters
ACNL- Dazed Dress- Front.JPG
ACNL- Dazed Dress- Back.JPG
Dazed Dress 864


216 Bells Able Sisters
ACNL- Kimono- Front.JPG
ACNL- Kimono- Back.JPG
Kimono 984 Bells 246 Bells Able Sisters
ACNL- Plaid Cami Dress- Front.JPG
ACNL- Plaid Cami Dress- Back.JPG
Plaid Cami Dress 720 Bells 180 Bells Able Sisters
ACNL PrimOutfit.JPG
ACNL- Prim Outfit- Back.JPG
Prim Outfit 744 Bells 186 Bells Able Sisters
ACNL- Princess Dress- Front.JPG
ACNL- Princess Dress- Back.JPG
Princess Dress 1,200 Bells 300 Bells Able Sisters
ACNL- Red Dress- Front.JPG
ACNL- Red Dress- Back.JPG
Red Dress 768 Bells 192 Bells Able Sisters
ACNL- Shirt Dress- Front.JPG
ACNL- Shirt Dress- Back.JPG
Shirtdress 816 Bells 204 Bells Able Sisters
ACNL- Yellow Raincoat- Front.JPG
ACNL- Yellow Raincoat- Back.JPG
Yellow Raincoat 768 Bells 192 Bells Able Sisters
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