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"I caught an eel! Things just got REAL!"

Scientific Name
Anguilla rostrata
Anguillidae - Freshwater eels
Time of Year
Time of Day
4pm to 9am
Selling Price
2,000 Bells

The EelAnguilla rostrata, is a fairly common river fish that can be found between 4pm and 9am, between the months of June and September. It has a distinct, thin shadow shared only by the Ribbon Eel. It can be sold for 2,000 Bells.


An information board in the aquarium will provide information about this fish.

"Eels are born in the ocean but swim upstream through rivers when they become adults. They do, however, eventually swim back to the ocean when it is time to lay eggs. Their blood can be toxic, which is why you've never heard of eel sashimi. It's just too dangerous. Cooked eel, however, is edible and has no poisonous effects to speak of, making it a popular dish. For a long time, the egg-laying locations and habits of eels were largely a mystery. However, they are gradually being revealed through research, making eels a very hot topic of study."

In real life[]


The American Eel is found on the eastern coast of North America, including Chesapeake Bay and the Hudson River. It lives in fresh water and only leaves its habitat to enter the Atlantic Ocean for spawning. It takes 9 to 10 weeks for the eggs to hatch. After hatching, young eels move toward North America and enter freshwater systems to mature. The female can lay up to 4 million bouyant eggs a year, but dies after egg-laying.

This eel is nocturnal, hunting at night, and hiding 5 to 6 feet under mud, sand, or gravel close to the shore during the day. Their diet consists of dead fish, invertebrates, carrion, insects, and if hungry enough they will resort to cannibalism. The world record weight for the American Eel is 9.25 pounds.