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"I caught an evening cicada. It just wasn't its night!"
"I caught an evening cicada! More like a RAINY-evening cicada!"

Evening Cicada
Scientific Name
Tanna japonensis
Cicadidae - Cicadas
Time of Year
Time of Day
4am to 8am, 4pm to 7pm
Selling Price
550 Bells

The Evening CicadaTanna japonensis, is a fairly common bug that can be caught on trees between 4am and 8am, as well as 4pm and 7pm, between the months of July and August. It can be sold for 550 Bells.

A different catch phrase is shown when it is caught in the rain. This trait is shared with the Giant CicadaRobust Cicada, and Walker Cicada.


An information board in the bug exhibit will provide information about this bug.

"Evening cicadas cry when it's dark out, regardless of what time of day it actually is. People tend to think it's the end of summer when they hear the cry of evening cicadas. However, this species of cicada starts crying at the end of the rainy season, which generally falls in July."

In real life[]


The Evening Cicada is a species of cicada that can be found throughout East Asia. They inhabit the cypress, cedar and hardwood forests, from the mountainous regions in Hokkaido to the plains of northern Kyūshū, and even in Southern Kyūshū they can be found in slightly higher mountain elevations. It is most common in Japan, where it is called the Higurashi (蜩, 茅蜩, ひぐらし.) Its kanji name is derived from the character for Miscanthus, a type of reed that it inhabits. It is also known as Kanakana (カナカナ) because of the noise that it makes.

Adult males have a body length of 28–38mm, while the females have a body length of 21–25mm. The body is colored reddish-brown with green around the compound eye and in the center and back of the thorax; mountain dwelling specimens tend to be darker. The Planthopper Parasite Moth Epipomponia nawai uses the animal as a host for its eggs.