Animal Crossing: New Leaf Wiki

The Fishing Tourney is an event that takes place throughout the year in the Animal Crossing game series. The goal of The Fishing Tourney is to try and catch the biggest fish in their town. Sometimes The Fishing Tourney can focus on specific fish which Chip will ask for when you talk to him. The Fishing Tourney is a way to win exclusive prizes that cannot be bought from Timmy and Tommy.

The Fishing Tourney begins at 9:00am and ends at 6:00pm, between these times the player can talk to Chip where he can tell the player what fish he’s looking for, the current record fish, or for the player to enter the fish they catch. Players are able to enter multiple fish. If a fish submitted breaks a record, Chip will reward the player with a prize.

At the end of the Fishing Tourney, Chip will hold the closing ceremony where the winners are announced. At the ceremony the first, second, and third place winners stand on a pedestal that corresponds with their placing, other villagers can be seen at the ceremony with party poppers. Unlike earlier games, the player can win either a gold, silver, or bronze fish trophy along with furniture from the fish set. Although it is not mandatory to attend the closing ceremony, is is a great deal of fun to participate. If the player is not at the ceremony their trophy will be sent through the mail. The winners names will be posted on the bulletin board the next day.

the Fish Set includes: - Crab Clock - Dab Table - Flounder Table - Football Fish House - JellyFish Lamp - Octopus Chair - Pufferfish TV - Squid Chair - Red-Snapper Chair - Sea Anemone Bed - Marine Pop Wall - Marine Pop Floor