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"I caught a flea! Oh no, now I'm itchy!"

Scientific Name
Pulex irritans
Pulicidae - Fleas
Time of Year
Time of Day
All day
Selling Price

The fleaPulex irritans, is a rare bug found on villagers all day, between the months of March and November. It sells for 70 Bells.

Fleas appear as dark brown specks bouncing off of villagers, and can be caught by hitting the villager with a net. The villager's catchphrase will also change when they have fleas, changing to something like "itchy" or "eek". Once the flea is caught, the victim will respond to the player, usually in shock or gratitude, depending on their personality.


An information board in the bug exhibit will provide information about this bug.

"Fleas are tiny insects that feed on blood from humans and animals, which then results in an itchy rash. They use their pie injecting sato their host at the same time. Unlike mosquitoes, both males and females suck blood. The females are larger than the males."

In real life[]


The human flea is a wingless insect, with mouthparts adapted for piercing skin and sucking bug. Despite it’s common name, they will bite many species of mammals and birds. It is thought to have originated in South America, where its original host may have been the guinea pig or peccary. They are agile, usually dark colored, with tube-like mouth-parts adapted to feeding on the blood of their hosts. Their legs are long, the hind pair well adapted for jumping: a flea can jump vertically up to 18 cm and horizontally up to 33 cm. This is around 1200 to 2200 times their own body length, making the flea one of the best jumpers of all known animals (relative to body size), second only to the froghopper. Gosh, and we thought mosquitoes were a large nuisance to both animals and humans!