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Animal Crossing: New Leaf contains many different furniture series. Each piece of furniture is placeable inside of a house. These furniture items are available from the Nookling's store, Re-Tail, the lost and found, villagers, events, and even inside trees

Happy Home Academy[]

The Happy Home Academy will rate the player's house based on the furniture and how it's placed. It is run by Lyle. He will send a prize based on how many points the player has accumulated. All furniture will raise the total HHA score. Rare furniture, furniture series, and furniture sets all raise the point total. Certain items are considered lucky during certains times of the year. These items will give a bonus of 7777 points.

Feng Shui[]

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese theory where placing furniture in a certain way can affect the player's luck. In Animal Crossing: New Leaf, having good Feng Shui will increase the player's amount of Happy Home Academy points and his/her general luck. Typically, yellow furniture goes in the left, green furniture goes in the bottom, and red furniture goes in the right.

List of Furniture Series[]

Each of these furniture series are obtainable for use in a house. They all have their own matching wallpaper and flooring to go with the furniture. They all include these necessities: a bed, chair, drawer, dresser, and a table.