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"I caught a giant cicada! Luckily I didn't need a bean stalk!"
"I caught a giant cicada! Scratch that: a giant WET cicada!"

Giant Cicada
Scientific Name
Cryptotympana fascialis
Cicadidae - Cicadas
Time of Year
Time of Day
8am to 5pm
Selling Price
500 Bells

The Giant CicadaCryptotympana facialis, is an uncommon bug that can be found on trees between 8am and 5pm, between the months of July and August. It can be sold for 500 Bells.

A different catch phrase is shown when it is caught in the rain. This trait is shared with the Evening Cicada, Robust Cicada, and Walker Cicada.


An information board in the bug exhibit will provide information about this bug.

"As the name might indicate, giant cicadas are one of the largest species of cicada in the world. They used to live mostly in warmer western Japan, but they've now also moved to urban eastern Japan. Though they're now common in these areas, they aren't well known in other parts of the world."

In real life[]


The Bear Cicada, or Kumazemi, is the largest species of cicadas in the world. They are found primarily in the lowlands of southwestern Japan, as well as the Ryuku Islands. During the summer, adults will lay eggs in dead twigs or bark. The eggs usually hatch 10 - 12 months later following an increase in humidity due to rain. This allows the newly-hatched nymphs to burrow easily into the ground. Recently there's been a large increase in their population. This is believed to be due to the changing of climatic patterns.

Their collective noise level can reach anywhere between 90 - 100 decibels (around the level of a power lawnmower). They have also been known to knock out internet in some areas, because they mistake fiber optic cables for suitable egg-laying sites.