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"Whoa! I caught a golden stag! Better not spend it all in one place!"

Golden Stag
Scientific Name
Allotopus rosenbergi
Scaribidae - Scarab beetles
Time of Year
Time of Day
5pm to 8am
Selling Price
12,000 Bells

The Golden StagAllotopus rosenbergi, is a very rare bug found on palm trees between 5pm and 8am, between the months of June and August. It is tied with the Horned Hercules as most expensive insect at 12,000 Bells.


An information board in the bug exhibit will provide information about this bug.

"Golden stags are named after their unique gold color and are highly prized by collectors. They shine like gold when their bodies are dry, but when it's humid, they actually look black. Golden stags have short mandibles that aren't good for fighting, but males sometimes fight for territory. The males are surprisingly friendly to the females, which gives these beetles a likeable quality."

In real life[]


The Golden Stag can be found in Java, Indonesia. It inhabits mountainous areas and dense tropical jungle. It is also called the “Golden Devil” because of its devil-like appearance. It is not good at fighting due to its short and sturdy mandibles, which is more useful for digging through rotten logs.