Animal Crossing: New Leaf Wiki
"I caught a goldfish! It's worth its weight in gold!"

Scientific Name
Carassius auratus auratus
Cyprinidae - Minnows/Carp
Time of Year
All year
Time of Day
All day
Selling Price
1,300 Bells

The GoldfishCarassius auratus auratus, is a rare river fish found all day, year-round. Like the Popeyed Goldfish, when placed in your house, it appears in a bowl instead of a fish tank. It sells for 1,300 Bells.


An information board in the aquarium will provide information about this fish.

"These are aquarium fish that came about by selectively breeding types of crucian carp. It took hundreds of years to get the long tail fin and beautiful color of the current breed. Even red goldfish are black when they are young and still retain some other vestiges of the crucian carp. They turn red as they grow, thus gaining their much more commonly known look."

In real life[]


The Goldfish featured in Animal Crossing is the Fantail breed, which is the western variation of the Ryukin ("Dragon family”) breed. It has two fins instead of one, an egg shaped body, a high dorsal fin and lacks a shoulder hump. They appear to have a distaste for cold waters. These, like all goldfish, are commonly kept as pets, and prefer a water temperature of 13 - 21 degrees Celsius/Centigrade.

They are proven to be very closely related to the Crucian Carp, and despite what is often thought, it is not bred from this species. Instead, the goldfish known is actually bred from a dullish silver fish found in Japanese rivers (Crassius auratus), which is actually called the Goldfish, due to the fact that it was known to occur in a gold-yellow morph naturally.

Around 600-900 they were popular in garden ponds, where they were put together with other carp species. The gold morph has become more abundant due to the major preference of this colour over the more common (at least in the wild) silver Goldfish have been bred into a wide array of shapes, sizes and even colours, as seen on the Telescope Goldfish breed.