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Female (Male in Japanese Ver. of game)
Selling Clothes, Furniture

Gracie is a celebrity fashion designer in Animal Crossing New Leaf. Gracie is a male in the Japanese version of the game.


Gracie is a giraffe with pale yellow and dark brown hooves, brown spots on the skin, short brown hair, and purple eyeshadow. Gracie wears a purple scarf, and a brown pantyhose on the legs.

One of Gracie's notable apparel is the tank shirt. The shirt has Gracie' personal design consisting of a blue fill and two circles colored green and orange. This is used in all of Gracie's furniture involving cloth.

She wears round rimmed shades on the forehead colored as the same as her signature tank shirt, although her appearance stays the same.

In Animal Crossing: New Leaf

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Gracie giving the player a fashion challenge.

After the player has expanded the Nookling store in their town to  T.I.Y., Gracie will start to visit the town's Plaza on completely random days. However, Gracie may rarely appear for some Players, making it more difficult to get the T&T Emporium. While in the plaza, Gracie expresses an interest in opening a shop, but in order to do so Gracie must check if the fashion sense of the town's people meets Gracie's fashion standards.

Gracie will then give the player the chance to complete a fashion check. Gracie selects a style theme and will ask the player to dress appropriately for that theme. The player can only pass the fashion check by wearing an outfit with most components matching the theme and no components clashing with the theme. If the fashion check is failed three times or it is not passed before midnight, the player will have to wait until Gracie's next visit to the town before they can ask for another check. However, if the player passes the fashion check, they will receive a piece of furniture or clothing from Gracie's shop; depending on how well they scored in said fashion check (clothing is given for 'so-so' grades). After four successful fashion checks, Gracie will decide to open a shop in the town. Once T&T Emporium is built, Gracie's shop can be found on the third floor and she will no longer do fashion checks or appear at the plaza.

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