Animal Crossing: New Leaf Wiki
Gender Female
Personality Snooty
Species Mouse
Birthday September 5th
Initial Phrase "yelp"

Greta (ふくこ, Fukuko) is a snooty mouse villager.


Greta is a mouse villager that appears in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. She is a gray-white mouse character with black ears. When angered, her eyes will turn red.


Below is some information about the snooty personality. For more information about the snooty personality, click here.

Greta is a snooty villager. Like a common snooty villager, she enjoys making fun of peppy and jock villagers. However sometimes she will get offended by peppy villagers, who treat everyone with respect besides them. Greta also talks about fashion and fancy, modern day applicants. Greta will get along with cranky villagers can be seen spreading rumors about you, or other villagers in the town.


Greta's house is Japanese styled, with many Japanese themed furniture such as the hearth. She has K.K. Jongara playing on a Hi-fi stereo in her house.