Hide and Seek is a game that can be played with villagers in your town, or as a tour on the Island. In both, you must find the villagers hiding behind trees, buildings, and public works projects within the time limit.

3 Villagers getting ready to play Hide and Seek

In town[edit | edit source]

When talking to a villager, they might ask you to play a game of Hide and Seek with them. If you accept, the villager will invite two others to join the game. The objective is to find all three villagers within the ten minute time limit. Upon completion, you're congratulated at the plaza and given a random item.

Island Tour[edit | edit source]

Hide and Seek is also a tour on the tropical island. The objective is the same in that you have to find all the villagers in the time limit. Instead of fifteen minutes, you only have five, and instead of three villagers, you must find four. There are three levels of difficulty for Hide and Seek.

  • Easy Hide and Seek Tour - Find four villagers in five minutes!
  • Official Hide and Seek Tour - Find four villagers in five minutes, while avoiding pitfalls.
  • Elite Hide and Seek Tour - Find four villagers in five minutes while avoiding pitfalls. They may be harder to find, too.
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