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"I caught a honeybee! What a sweet catch!"
Scientific Name
Apis cerena
Apidae - Various Bees
Time of Year
Time of Day
8am to 5pm
Near flowers
Selling Price
100 Bells

The HoneybeeApis cerena, is a very common flying insect that can be found around flowers between 8am and 5pm, from March to July. It can be sold for 100 Bells.

The Honeybee is not to be confused with its cousin, the Bee.


An information board in the bug exhibit will provide information about this bug.

"Honeybees gather nectar from flowers and make honey, making them integral in many ecosystems. The worker bees are females and the only ones capable of stinging, though that is rather rare. The hive does contain males, but after mating season, they are all sent away. Honey has been consumed since ancient times. Cave paintings 8,000 years old show people eating honey."

In real life[]


Honey bees as a group appear to have their center of origin in South and South East Asia (including the Philippines), as all but one (i.e. Apis mellifera) of the surviving species are native to that region. Notably the most plesiomorphic living species (Apis florea and Apis andreniformis) has the center of origin there.

An interesting form of defense in the case of the Asiatic Honeybee against a specific predator, the Japanese giant hornet, involves swarming around the hornet. This raises the hornet’s temperature, overheating and subsequently killing it Interestingly, the honeybee has been subject to Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD), an unexplained phenomenon in which all worker bees leave their colony and die, leaving the hive without any means of supporting itself.