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A mailbox can be found outside the player's house. It is used as a place where letters from villagers from the player's town, villagers from a friend's town, the Town Hall, items ordered from the Nooklings, the Happy Room Academy, the player's parents, and letters written by the player that have not yet been posted are stored.

When a letter arrives, a blue flag with a small blinking letter will appear on the right-top of the mailbox. Even though a player can enter another player's house, only the owner of the house can open the mailbox of their home. When time traveling and the mailbox fills up all the other letters to that player get erased. If the player's mailbox, or another player in town's mailbox gets full, Pete will come and tell the player that his/her or the other player's mailbox is full. A mailbox will go crazy if full, and will flicker a lot.

The mailbox can hold up to 10 letters, similar to the letter space in the pockets.

The mailbox can be customized in a number of ways by visiting Nook's Homes, located in Main Street. Whenever there is a full set of mail in a mailbox, it can be shown rattling with the notification blinking rapidly .