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Gender Female
Personality Normal
Species Small bird
Birthday March 12th
Initial Phrase "tweedledee"
Initial Clothes New Spring Shirt
Picture Quote "When the world gets cold, just fly south."

Midge (うずまき, Uzumaki) is a normal bird villager in the Animal Crossing series. Her name might be a reference to the insect midge which many birds feed on. Her Japanese name means Spiral, referencing the spiral design on her cheeks. Her catchphrase, tweedledee, is a play on the Alice in Wonderland character, Tweedledee and the noise small birds make, tweet.


Midge is a pink and white bird, with a long, thin, yellow beak. She has orange swirl patterns on her cheeks and she carries a dandelion umbrella when it rains. Her eyes are dots with a single eyelash on each one. She wears a New Spring Shirt as her initial look. She has a white stomach and orange striped feet. And she is adorable!


-Normal- The normal personality is a mixture of the different personalities combined. Midge will normally appear sweet, but may become upset at times, but at most times, she’s polite, and nice.

The items in Midge's house consist of:

Kiddie Wallpaper, Kiddie Carpet.

K.K. Lullaby

Smoke: Fish

Midge House.jpg
Midge Inside House.jpg

Warning: Spoilers ahoy. Read at your own risk.

Coffee Preference[]

Beans Milk Sugar
Blend Lots 3 Spoonfuls