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Town Museum
Exhibits fossils, fish, bugs, paintings, sculptures. Upstairs shop for silver tools, and player-made exhibits.
Hours Open
24 Hours
The Museum is a stone building on the left or right edge of Main Street. It is a building that displays bugsfishdeep-sea creaturesfossilspaintings, and sculptures. The curator is an owl named Blathers, who can often be seen sleeping on the job during the daytime, but is always awake at night. He can be found there at any hour of the day. Upstairs, his sister Celeste runs the Museum Shop: a new feature to Animal Crossing: New Leaf that sells silver tools, museum-exclusive furniture, carpets, and wallpaper, and allows the player to rent exhibits in which one may place whatever he or she pleases. She will also have to be woken up during the day, but refuses to admit that she was asleep. Like her brother, she can be found 24 hours a day. To unlock the Museum Shop, the player must have donated 20 items to the Museum (at least five for each exhibit), and 14 days must have passed since the mayor has been in the town. Blathers will be found thinking. Talk to him, and he'll mention expanding the Museum to include a second floor.

Upon completing all of the exhibits, the player will be rewarded with a museum model. Please note, donations will not be accepted if the player's gates are open.

In previous titles, players could go downstairs to get coffee from Brewster. In Animal Crossing: New LeafThe Roost Café is an unlockable public works project that becomes available seven days after opening the Museum shop, and if the player has donated at least 50 items to the Museum. Blathers will appear upset one day. Talk to him and he'll mention opening a café.

First FloorEdit

The first floor houses the four main exhibit areas, one each for fish, bugs, fossils, and art. Blathers is stationed in the main room on the first floor. He will assess fossils and accept donations for the Museum. During daytime hours, Blathers will be asleep, while at night, he we be awake and alert. 

Fossil ExhibitEdit

Found in the lower left of the main room is the entrance to the fossil exhibit. Here players can see all the fossils that have been donated to the museum, and read more about the prehistoric creatures featured there. There are three rooms in the exhibit. From left to right, the first, upper right room features the Velopciraptor, Styracosaurus, T.rex, Stegosaurus, Triceratops, Pachysaurus, and Parasaurus. The upper left room contains the Diplodocus, Dimetrodon, Iguanodon, Apatosaurus, Spinosaurus, Ankylosaurus, and Pteranodon. The bottom room displays all of the small fossils, Ichthyosaur, Archelon, Plesiosaur, Megacerops, Mammoth, and Sabertooth Tiger.

Bug ExhibitEdit

Found in the upper left of the main room is the entrance to the bug exhibit. Here players can see all the bugs that have been donated to the museum, and read more about the insects featured there. There are three rooms in the exhibit. The first room features two patches of grass. The one on the right houses many of the ground insects and has three bushes. On the left, there is a small pond for the pondskater and diving beetle. Many of the dragonflies are found here, as well as butterflies fluttering around the flowers. In the top left the player can find many of the beetles and cicadas on trees along the outside, with a patch of ground featuring a rafflesia is in the center of the room. This room houses the tarantula and scorpion in the top left, in a constant deathmatch. In the upper right room are more insects found on trees, with some bushes, flowers, and a tree stump on the ground in the middle of the room. On this stump the player will see the Golden Stag and horned hercules duking it out. The player may get bit by a mosquito if he/she stands in this room too long

Fish ExhibitEdit

Found in the upper right of the main room is the entrance to the fish exhibit. Here players can see all the fish that have been donated to the museum, and read more about them. There are three rooms in the exhibit. The first room features a large tank where the player can find the deep-sea creatures that have been donated. On the back wall are mini-tanks specifically for the chambered nautilusgiant isopod, and horseshoe crab. In the top left room, the player can see all the river fish that have been caught. The lower left tank features small river fish such as the Goldfish and Angelfish. The large left tank displays a large variety of fish, ranging from the soft-shelled turtle and frog, to the giant snakehead and stringfish. The back wall features more river fish, with the smaller tank being home to small ocean fish such as the Sea Butterfly and Surgeonfish. The upper right room houses all the rest of the ocean fish.

Art ExhibitEdit

Found in the lower right of the main room is the entrance to the art exhibit. Here the player can see all the paintings and sculptures that have been donated to the museum, and read more about them. The first room features four sculptures and four paintings. The second room contains posts for four statues as well, with room for five paintings on the back wall.

Second FloorEdit

Main article: Museum Shop
Museum Floor 2

Second floor of the Museum.

The second floor unlocks when a minimum of 20 items, at least 1 from each of the four categories, has been donated to the museum and the player has talked to Blathers at least once on 14 different days. The renovation will then be unlocked as a Public Works Project that costs 198,000 Bells to complete. The second floor of the museum is where Celeste works. She runs the Museum Shop which carries rare items not found elsewhere. There are four empty exhibit areas on the second floor where players can show off their own items.

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