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Nat (カメヤマさん, Kameyama-san) is a chameleon. He can be found hosting the Bug-Off event in the player's town. Like Chip, he speaks with a cranky villager's voice (deep, masculine). He has small spectacles that sit on the end of his nose, similar to the style of an explorer who searches for new creatures (such as insects, mammals etc.). He also wears explorer clothing, which goes with his explorer appearance, and he carries a blue net (similar, but not the same as the silver net) which cannot be obtained during the game and is an item unique to him. Nat's name could either be related to "net", which he uses, or "gnat", a type of bug. Unlike Chip, Nat does not eat the bugs, however, it is implied that he does, as he calls the bugs scrumptious and delectable, and he makes slurping noises after receiving an insect. Despite this, he denies this and says that he is keeping them for purely scientific reasons.

The winner with the highest rating insect wins a trophy, which is sent to him or her in the mail by Nat for the next day; a message written by him then appears on the bulletin board.


  • He has a picture in his tent of himself next to a birdwing butterfly.
  • After catching a few insects, he says, "Hunt bugs in the fields! Hunt bugs in the hills! Hunt bugs in the streets! You must never surrender!" This is based on a famous speech done by Winston Churchill.