Animal Crossing: New Leaf Wiki

New Years Day is a day where from the 31st Dec to 1st of Jan! Isabelle will stand in the plaza present there until 12am.If you talk to her she will give you a item which is a Zodiac Chinese Year Animal. You can also buy it from Retail Shop and The Nook Shop. They can be displayed in your home and * maybe some* when you touch it, it does something. When you join the game, Mum will put a present and letter saying happy new year in your mail box. Inside the present is 1000 bells. When you don’t play in New Years, you won’t get a letter at all.Redd will give you a hat. They come in some colours.Yellow, blue, red, green are colours of the hats altogether. Talking back to Isabelle, she can give you another things during to the place that you live in. If you live in North America, you will get a sparkling cider.

Birthdys include: Marcel the dog, Tortimer the tortoise and Bob the cat.