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Nookling stores are a collection of stores that are owned and managed by Timmy and Tommy Nook. The stores are the economic centerpiece of the player's town and are located in Main Street.

The Gardening Store, which is owned by Leif, is built next door to all Nookling stores from when the store is bought and added to the Town. When the Nookling Store is upgraded to the T.I.Y., the Gardening Store is merged together to create one building with two separated entrances for each store.

Selling items to any of the Nookling Stores will give the player 20% less money than at Re-Tail , as Timmy and Tommy resell the item to Re-Tail and take a cut of the sale price of any item.


Main article: Catalog

Aside from selling items in the store, the Nook twins give the player access to their own personalized catalog, from which the player can order any item that they have held in their pockets. Anything that was ever held there will be featured, but rare items, fossils, fish, etc. cannot be ordered. When purchased, an item will arrive by mail in about five hours. You can order as many items as you want. If you buy more than ten, They will come at a later time since the maximum capacity of the mailbox is 10.

The catalog becomes available when the player has upgraded to T&T Mart. From then onwards the player can

when you buy items total worth 25,000 bells it turns into super t&t
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