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A player meeting Jack, the NPC behind the Halloween event.

October is an autumn month. Halloween is upon us, and the Nooklings' Shop and Able Sisters are feeling the spirit! Prepare for the festivities with costumes, candy, and interior decorating. The leaves and grass will begin to shift to fall colors, giving that crisp autumnal feeling.


  • Halloween Items (All month) - The Nooklings' Shop will have the Spooky Series in stock throughout the month. Drop by to decorate your room to fit the holiday spirit! The Able Sisters also join the fun, as they'll have spooky costumes and clothing on sale.
  • Autumn Moon (Closest full moon to the Autumnal Equinox) - Look to the sky and appreciate that glorious orb of rock orbiting our planet. Drop by the Plaza to get a Wheat Bundle from Isabelle. If you own a European version of the game, you'll be given a Veggie Basket. Koreans will get a Songpyeon. Japanese players will receive a Dango.
  • Explorer's Day (Second Monday) United States - Celebrate Christopher Columbus' journey to North America today with a Sailboat Model from Isabelle.
  • Fishing Tourney (Second Saturday) - This event occurs on the second Saturday of the month, and runs from 9am to 6pm. This is the only way to obtain the Fish series.
  • Halloween (October 31) - Find Jack and give him lollipops from villagers to get furniture from the Spooky series and Creepy series. See the main page for more details.


  • Diva - October 2nd
  • Big Top - October 3rd
  • Goose - October 4th
  • Elmer - October 5th
  • Tex - October 6th
  • Cobb - October 7th
  • Kiki - October 8th
  • Drift - October 9th
  • Benedict - October 10th
  • Franklin - October 10th
  • Kitt - October 11th
  • Lyman - October 12th
  • Chops - October 13th
  • Egbert - October 14th
  • Brewster - October 15th''
  • Hippeux - October 15th
  • Friga - October 16th
  • Limberg - October 17th
  • Al - October 18th
  • Redd - October 18th
  • Clay - October 19th
  • Antonion - October 20th
  • Timbra - October 21st
  • Katie - October 22nd
  • Groucho - October 23rd
  • Broffina - October 24th
  • Portia - October 25th
  • Eugene - October 26th
  • Jambette - October 27th
  • Gaston - October 28th
  • Katrina - October 28th
  • Rodeo - October 29th
  • Jack - October 31st
  • Labelle - October 31st

*Bolded names are special characters, not villagers


Italics signify new fish this month. Bold signifies fish that don't appear next month. This list excludes year-round fish.


Italics signify new bugs this month. Bold signifies bugs that don't appear next month. This list excludes year-round bugs.

Deep-Sea Creatures[]

Italics signify new deep-sea creatures this month. Bold signifies deep-sea creatures that don't appear next month. This list excludes year-round deep-sea creatures.