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The patchwork items are a collection of five furniture pieces. While these items appear to be a set, they do not grant the player any additional HHA points. Similarly, the Minimalist series' neutral wall and floor have been incorrectly perceived to be a set with these items.

The set consists of cushioned furniture utilizing pink, cyan, and yellow fabrics sewn together to form a patchwork pattern. Items from this set can be recolored in green, beige, red, British, or warm colors if they are taken to Cyrus.

The villagers who have items of the patchwork set initially are Hazel, who owns the sofa, the dresser, and the table; Bonbon, who owns the lamp and table, Paula, who owns many items from the series, and Cookie, who has the sofa.

Furniture Items[]

Item Name Buy Price Sell Price Available From Color HHA Theme(s) Vibe Size (sq) Info
Patchwork chair 1,600 400 Nooklings Colorful (x2) Fairy Tale Cute 1 Chair
Patchwork dresser 1,800 450 Nooklings Colorful (x2) Fairy Tale Cute 2 Storage
Patchwork lamp 1,480 370 Nooklings Colorful (x2) Fairy Tale Cute 1 Light
Patchwork sofa 1,800 450 Nooklings Colorful (x2) Fairy Tale Cute 2 Chair
Patchwork table 2,000 500 Nooklings Colorful (x2) Fairy Tale Cute 4 Table