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A picture is a special piece of furniture. Visually, it shows an image of the villager who gave it to the player, and provides a special quote when interacted with. As long as that villager is in the town, the player will be rewarded 3,200 HHA points for each picture in their house. They do not have a categorized color, even though the frames differ in color.

Obtaining Pictures[]

A picture will be given by a villager once the player reaches the status of best friends. To reach this status, the player must talk to  villager often, complete favors for them, and write letters. They may also mail a letter with a picture in it once they move away, as a keepsake. Some special characters also give out pictures when the right criteria is met.

There is an alternate way to receive pictures in New Leaf. On April Fool's Day, Blanca hides in villager homes, impersonating said villager. If the player answers the question correctly that is given to him/her, there is a chance the player will be granted their picture. If the player answers each question correctly for all the villagers, the player may also receive Blanca's picture in the mail the following day.

Special Character Pictures[]

Not only can regular villagers give out pictures, but players have a chance to earn pictures from special NPCs that visit the town. Below is a list of them, and how they're acquired.

Name Phrase Picture How to Obtain
Blanca "Every face tells a story." Blanca (Pic).png Find all the fake villagers on April Fool's Day.
Don Resetti "Jasmine oil on a mole's head." Don Resetti (Pic).png Visit the Reset Surveillance Center seven times.
Jingle "Sometimes haste makes waste!" Jingle (Pic).png Deliver all the correct gifts on Toy Day.
K.K. Slider "Nothing shredded, nothing gained." K.K. Slider (Pic).png Request songs at Club LOL on 20 different nights.
Katie "Life is short and time is swift." Katie (Pic).png Bring her to another town and have a chance to earn this.
Resetti "Earthquakes, thunder, fires, and fathers." Mr. Resetti (Pic).png Visit the Reset Surveillance Center six times.
Zipper T. Bunny "Hippity-hoppity wish-wash-whoa!" Zipper (Pic).png Give Zipper T. Bunny the grand prize ticket on Bunny Day