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"I caught a pill bug! I don't know... It seems nice to me!"
Pill Bug
Scientific Name
Armadillidium vulgare
Armadillidiidae - Terrestrial crustaceans
Time of Year
All year
Time of Day
All day
Under rocks
Selling Price
250 Bells

The Pill BugArmadillidium vulgare, is an uncommon bug that can be found under rocks all day, all year. It can be sold for 250 Bells.


An information board in the bug exhibit will provide information about this bug.

"Pill bugs live in moist places, which is why you will commonly find them under rocks and in stumps. When they're touched, they roll into a ball. Oddly enough, they're part of the crustacean family. As such, and since they don't like dry places, they can travel for a short time underwater if need be."

In real life[]


The Pill Bug or Pill Woodlouse can be found across Europe. It has also been introduced to many locations in North America, where it may reach population densities of up to 10,000 individuals per square meter. Pill Bugs can reach a length of 18 mm, and are capable of rolling into a ball when disturbed. They are able to withstand drier conditions than many other woodlouse species, and is restricted to chalky soils or coastal areas. It feeds mainly on decaying plant matter, but also grazes lichens and algae from tree bark and walls.