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The player is a term used for the human character in the Animal Crossing series that is controlled by the real person playing the game. The player can be male or female; the differences in the games are largely cosmetic and with slight variations to some dialogue whenever the conversation becomes gender specific. The player is the only human character seen in the game (including visiting players). They are the only human children, however, it is assumed the player's parents, who send letters occasionally, are also human. Players will always have an in-game "Mom", and in spite of "Mom" referring to childhood events and the home that the player once lived in, there is no indication of any real sense of back story to the human character(s) telling why they went off to live on their own and the mother occasionally sends presents in the mail, with some gifts reflecting on the current season. There is a father figure, called "Dad" in-game, that sends letters with far less frequency, usually accompanied with a sum of 10,000 Bells. He will also send a letter to the player with the red carnation item attached on Father's Day.  

Examples of 2 players.