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Public Works are the main way the mayor player can influence the town. Through the public works projects, the mayor can initiate a number of construction projects for different purposes, such as bringing new shops and services to the town, establishing new infrastructure like bridges or benches, developing park areas with fountains and hedges, or erecting a number of iconic monuments.  

To begin a new public works project, the mayor must sit in the mayor's chair in the Town Hall and ask Isabelle to show them the list of available public works.  Once a project has been selected from that list, Isabelle will ask the mayor to lead her to the spot in town that they would like to place the project.  If the location chosen is suitable for the project, Isabelle will show a sample of what the project will look like upon completion.  If the location is unsuitable, she will give the space requirements to the player so that a better spot can be chosen.  Once a location has been decided upon, all plants and buried items in the area will be removed, and Isabelle will rope off the area and place the town gyroid, Lloid, in charge of collecting donations on-site.  Citizens of the town can and often will donate money to the projects, but donations can be few and far between.  It is advisable for the mayor player to fund the majority of the project themselves, or split the cost with other players for the sake of completing the project in a useful amount of time.  Once the funding goal for a project has been met, the project will be completed the next day.  

Upon completion of an active project, when the mayor next visits the town hall and sits in their chair, Isabelle will ask them if they would like to participate in a quick ceremony to celebrate the completion of the project.  After attending the ceremony, the mayor's next conversation with Isabelle will be back to normal.  Some public works projects cannot be demolished once completed, like the second floor of the Museum.  They can be organized into two categories: Major Public Works, and Minor Public Works. 

Major Public Works[]

Picture Project Name Cost Unlock Conditions
HNI 0002 copy.jpg

The Roost Café

  • Over 20 items have been donated to the Museum.
  • At least 7 days have passed since the Museum's 2F public work was opened.

Enter the museum after fulfilling the above conditions, and Blathers will suggest this project to the mayor.

Dream Suite 234,000
  • At least one public works project has been completed.
  • At least one week has transpired since the development permit was obtained.  
  • The game's online features have been accessed at least once.  

Once the above conditions have been met, Isabelle will suggest the Dream Suite project to the player. 

HNI 0070 zps64714571.jpg
Fortune Teller Shop 340,000 After having the player's fortune told 20 times by Katrina in the town plaza, she will come to the mayor player to discuss building a shop.
Museum 2nd floor renovation 198,000
  • More than 20 items have been donated to the museum.  
  • At least one of each type of item has been donated to the museum.  
  • The mayor has talked to Blathers at least once on at least 14 different days.

When the above conditions have been met, Blathers will suggest the project to the mayor.

Police station classic.png
Police station 264,000 Neighbour approach conversation
Reset Center 368,000 After quitting the game without saving, Mr. Resetti will appear to chew out the player who has done so.  Speaking with him at this point will unlock the project.
Download (1).jpg
Train station reconstruction 498,000 If more than 100 players in total have visited the town, Porter will suggest this project to the mayor.  
Download (1).jpg
Town Hall renovation 498,000 Once the town's condition has reached excellent, Isabelle will suggest this project to the mayor.  

Minor Public Works[]