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A player stands outside Re-Tail.

Re-Tail is a shop run by Reese and Cyrus, an alpaca couple. The shop will be available as soon as the player begins their game.


Reese is a bright pink alpaca. Reese co-runs the shop along with Cyrus. She will follow the player around, like most shop owners do in the stores. She seems motherly and kind. She buys items from the player and tells turnip prices. Villagers will mention how "lovey dovey" Cyrus and Reese are. Female characters will be told by her not to steal her "Cy-guy".




Cyrus is Reese's spouse. He is an alpaca, similar to Reese in appearance except for his blue fur. He will be asleep for the first part of the game, but can be unlocked if the following requirements are complete:

  • Sell at least 100,000 bells worth of items to Reese.
  • Have the town for at least 7 days.
  • Have 50 pieces of furniture in the catalog.
  • Have 10 clothing items in the catalog.

Flea Market

If the player isn't satisfied with the prices Reese offers to buy furniture/wallpaper/carpet and/or clothing, items can be put up for sale at the Flea Market. The open spaces at Re-Tail (some empty, some with furniture) are for this purpose. Walk up to an empty space and interact with it, and Reese will ask if the player have something to sell at the flea market. Here players can set their own prices for items, and it will be on display until a villager or a player buys it (or the owner decides to take it down). The player can also buy furniture from other villagers and other players items that have put on display here.

Villagers may wander in to Re-Tail. If they do, they may spot an item they want to buy. They will make a surprised expression (the three lines over their heads) and stand in front of them item they want. If one talks to a villager looking at an item, they will ask the player if they should buy it. Say yes and they will probably (but not always) purchase the item, say no and they will probably not purchase it.


The player can sell any item to Re-Tail (unlike the island shop and the Nookling stores). A few items (trash, rotten turnips, etc.) will require a fee to dispose of. Selling at Re-Tail will earn more Bells than selling at any other shop. Nookling Junction (and upgrades) buy for 80% of the Re-tail price, and Leila buys at only 20% of the Re-Tail price.

Items of the Day

Every day the board outside Re-Tail will display between 1 and 6 items. These items will fetch a higher price than usual on that day. With the Bell Boom town ordinance, there will always be at least two items on the board.

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