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Redd's Cookies are fortune cookie-like items that are sold by Redd during the Fireworks Show. He sells the cookies in a tent located at the plaza, and they may be purchased for 500 Bells each. According to Redd, he got the cookies in a partnership with the Nookling Shop in the player's town.

Each cookie has a chance to have a special ticket in them that can be exchanged for eight different items, similar to fortune cookies. There is also a chance that a cookie contains a dud ticket, and if this occurs, Redd will give the player a sparkler or a roman candle firework instead of an item. The player can only give a cookie to Redd during a fireworks show.


These are the eight different prizes that can be obtained if the player gets a ticket that isn't a dud, along with their corresponding tickets in parentheses.

  • Boxed Figurine (given in exchange for a bang ticket)
  • Love Tester (given in exchange for a pow ticket)
  • Lovely Phone (given in exchange for a flash ticket)
  • Miniature Car (given in exchange for a sparkle ticket)
  • Ten Billion Barrel (given in exchange for a whiz ticket)
  • Ultra Hand (given in exchange for a crackle ticket)
  • Ultra Machine (given in exchange for a pop ticket)
  • Ultra Scope (given in exchange for a kaboom ticket)
  • Sparklers and occasionally roman candles (given when you get a losing ticket A.K.A Dud Ticket.)


  • There is a glitch in Redd's dialogue where if he is given a flash ticket, he will identify it as a "boom ticket", although this is not an actual ticket. He will still give out the lovely phone, however.