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Redd's Gallery
The outside of the tent
The inside of the tent
Traveling salesman
Sells sculptures, paintings.
Hours Open
10:00 AM - 11:00 PM

Redd's Gallery is a shop in the event plaza once a week randomly where the player can buy art for the museum. This shop is crucial in order to complete the art section in the museum, as this is the only place where art can be bought, unless a villager in the town has obtained a painting in their home and offers to sell it. All products are based off of real-world art known by other names.

The changes in New Leaf[]

Unlike past games, in Animal Crossing: New Leaf, there is no password required to get in, and it's not an available service every day. Redd no longer sells furniture, either - he's selling sculptures and paintings now. The trick is to find the real one out of all four, because only one piece of art per player can be bought.

Most of Redd's products are over-priced forgeries. Feng shui has no effect on the chances of purchasing the one real artwork out of the four displayed.  There are however ways to tell if the paintings are genuine by comparing them to their real-world counterparts. Forgeries will have some imperfection such as misplacement of a figure, miscoloration, or a directional flaw. Some particular paintings have proven always genuine such as the common painting and flowery painting to name a couple. Statues are always at chance. If one needs help finding these little tweaks on the famous works of art, please click here to be transferred to our forgery guide.