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"I caught a salmon! Oh, that's slammin'!"
Scientific Name
Oncorhyncus kisutch
Salmonidae - Salmon
Time of Year
Time of Day
All day
Selling Price
700 Bells

The SalmonOncorhyncus kisutch, is a common fish found at the river mouth all day in late September (after the 15th). It can be sold for 700 Bells.


An information board in the aquarium will provide information about this fish.

"Salmon are popular migratory fish that are born in rivers, migrate to oceans, and return in four years. In Japan, flavored salmon eggs are a very popular dish called ikura, but it hasn't caught on in the US. In rare cases, salmon will only stay in the ocean for one or two years before coming back. These fish are known as "phantom salmon" since they're so hard to find in the wild. Their characteristic pink color comes from the shrimp and krill they get in their diet. If they ate differently, their flesh would be white."

In real life[]


The Coho Salmon runs along both sides of the North Pacific ocean, from Hokkaidō, Japan and eastern Russian, around the Bering Sea to mainland Alaska, and south all the way to Monterey Bay, California. Coho Salmon have also been introduced in all the Great Lakes, as well as many landlocked reservoirs throughout the United States.

In their freshwater stages Coho feed on plankton and insects, then switch to a diet of small fish upon entering the ocean as adults. Spawning habitats are small streams with stable gravel substrates.

Historically, the Coho, along with other species, has been a staple in the diet of several Indigenous Peoples, who would also use it to trade with other tribes farther inland. The Coho Salmon is also a symbol of several tribes, representing life and sustenance. It is also the state animal of Chiba, Japan.