Animal Crossing: New Leaf Wiki
Gender Male
Personality Jock
Species Mouse
Birthday July 5th
Initial Phrase "pipsqueak"
Initial Clothes Airy Shirt

Samson is a jock mouse villager. He has appeared in every Animal Crossing game to date.


Samson is a gray mouse with a large grin. He has a black nose with black eyes, and big ears that are pink inside. His tail has black stripes on it. When he first moves into town, he will be sporting the airy shirt.


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Samson has a jock personality, which means he's interested mainly in sports and fitness. This may lead to some dialog involving him telling other villagers that they need to work out more, and things like that. He's very dull-witted, coming to conclusions slower than other villagers, and may attempt to say something "deep" while really coming off as silly or dumb. He will get along with peppy villagers, but question the lifestyle of a lazy villager, who are the polar opposites of jocks. He will most likely upset snooty or cranky villagers. It is easy to befriend him.


Samson's house is set up in a very playful and colorful way. He doesn't seem to follow a set or series, as he has many different pieces of furniture. He has a  ball return, a cuckoo clock on the wall, a boxing mat, bowling pins, two watermelon chairs, a train set, a pear dresser, a pineapple bed, and a dice stereo in his house. Samson's room features the citrus carpet and kiddie wall. Go K.K Rider is playing in his room if he has a stereo.

Coffee Preference[]

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Warning: Spoilers ahoy. Read at your own risk.
Name Beans Milk Sugar
Samson Mocha None at all None at all