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"I caught a sea bass! See? A bass!" (Only appears upon first three catches.)
"I caught a sea bass! What?! You again?!"

Sea Bass
Scientific Name
Lateolabrax japonicus
Moronidae - Bass
Time of Year
All year
Time of Day
All day
Selling Price
160 Bells

The Sea BassLateolabrax japonicus, is a very common oceanic fish that appears all day, year-round. Many players hate this fish as it is so common and resembles other large fish. It can be sold for 160 Bells.


An information board in the aquarium will provide information about this fish.

"Sea bass are famous for their delicious white meat as well as their large size. If they ingest something inedible, they open up their mouths and gills and violently shake their heads. This generally manages to expel the foreign material, though it has the added effect of looking rather odd. Much like their freshwater cousins, sea bass have a strong pull, making them a great challenge for anglers."

In real life[]


The Japanese Sea Bass can be found in the Western Pacific from Japan to the South China Sea. It has a shiny white flesh with an easily recognizable, broad-flaked structure and a mild flavor.

In the Kantō region, including Shizuoka Prefecture, it is called Seigo (鮬) when under 25 cm. At three years of age, when it has attained a length of near 60 cm, it is called Fukko or Suzuki (スズキ). Because their name changes as they grow – in Japanese such fish are called Shusseuo (出世魚) – the Japanese have associated them with advancement in life and believe Japanese seabass are luck-bringer fish.