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I don't want to remove this article as it is absolutely hilarious, but this it complete and utter nonsense, why would Nintendo have a holiday, in which you can get near infinite bells by committing tax fraud. Try to come up with something more reasonable, because I wouldn't have believed this even when I was young, you spoon

More info on Mayors day: On Mayors day you have to have 3 visitors and you must be inside your house while the visitors are at the event plaza. To all of the visitors there should be a little pop up like when it starts as a new day. It will say "Surprise the Mayor with a gift today!" and all of the visitors should talk to Isabelle. She will give each one a present wrapped in green ribbon and it will say "To Mayor (Mayors name)" They must all drop the present on the floor outside of the Mayor's house. The Mayor must then get out of their house, and pick up all the presents. Then the Mayor gives them back to Isabelle, and she will give the player a special food item. (Random drink item, but not fruit. It can be Fizzy Apple Cider, Orange Juice or a Cup of Coffee)

More info on Pete's day: On Pete's day, Pete will open up a orange tent, similarly shaped to the Crazy Redd Art tent. Inside the tent he has an ATM machine. If interacted with, the player can take out up to Approximately 1.6 million bells (The Maximum that can be stored in a player's inventory at one time). Talking to Pete will start a conversation, what you say will then influence the gift he sends you in the mail the next day (A Safe, ATM Machine or a Bank poster). Not Interacting with Pete will result in the player getting a random one of the aforementioned items).

Pete's Dialogue:

Pete: Hi, Could you answer a question for me?

Player: Sure Um... Ok? / Okie Dokie. / Wait a sec... (Exit out of chat)

Pete: What do you like about my tent?

Player: Uh, it's orange? / It's wonderful! / I don't like it. / I gotta go. (Exit out of chat)

Pete: Thank you...

Guide for getting specific items:

Sure! + Uh, it's orange? = Safe

Sure! + It's Wonderful! = Bank Poster

Sure! + I don't like it. = ATM Machine

Okie Dokie + Uh, it's orange? = ATM Machine

Okie Dokie + It's wonderful! = Safe

Okie Dokie + I don't like it. = Bank Poster

Um.. Ok? + Uh, it's orange? = Bank Poster

Um.. Ok? + It's wonderful! = ATM Machine

Um.. Ok? + I don't like it. = Safe

November: Halloween. [???, October M8]


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