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"I caught a tadpole... I'm sure it will grow on me."

Scientific Name
Time of Year
Time of Day
All day
Selling Price
100 Bells

The Tadpole is an uncommon "fish" that can be found in the holding pond all day, between the months of March and July. It is one of four fish catchable in the holding pond, alongside Crawfish, Frog, and Killifish. It can be sold for 100 Bells.


An information board in the aquarium will provide information about this fish.

"Tadpoles are nothing more than baby frogs and generally inhabit ponds and streams. Their round heads and quirky style of movement give them a different kind of cuteness from adult frogs. They become more frog-like when they eventually grow legs and start to lose their tails. Unlike fish, though, their skin is very delicate because they do not have scales, so handle carefully."

In real life[]


A tadpole (also known as pollywog or porwigle) is the larval stage in the life of an amphibian, particularly that of a frog or toad. They are usually wholly aquatic, though some spacies have tadpoles that are terrestrial.

As a tadpole matures, it most commonly metamorphosizes by gradually growing limbs (usually the legs first, followed by the arms) and then (most commonly in the case of frogs) outwardly absorbing its tail by apoptosis. Lungs develop around the time of leg development, and tadpoles late in development will often be found near the surface of the water, where they breathe air. During the final stages of external metamorphosis, the tadpole's mouth changes from a small, enclosed mouth at the front of the head to a large mouth the same width as the head. The intestines shorten to accommodate the new diet. Most tadpoles are herbivorous, subsisting on algae and plants. Some species are omnivorous, eating detritus and when available, smaller tadpoles.