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The Roost café, more popularly known as the Roost, is a quiet spot where the player can grab a cup of coffee for 200 bells, for here or to go, after adding it to the player's town. The Roost is owned by a pigeon named Brewster.

Example.jpg==Unlocking the café ==

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In the beginning of the game, the Roost café is unavailable in the public works project menu. This is because in order to be able to place it somewhere in the town, one must meet the following qualifications.

  • Donated at least 50 items to the town's local museum
  • At least 7 days must have passed since the second floor of the museum has been opened. 

After the player has met the requirements, they should enter the museum and speak to Blathers. Blathers will suggest this public works project to the mayor, and then it will be available in the public works projects menu. The museum is on main street. 

Things to do in the cafe[]

Interior of the Café.

There are various things the player is able to do in the Roost, when it's built. K.K. Slider does not play at the café on Saturdays anymore, as he now performs music at Club LOL.

May I have it to-go?[]

There is an option to not only take a seat at the counter, as the player can in previous games, but the player can now order take out coffee after he/she warms up to him a bit. Brewster will give the player the option of having a cup of coffee in a to-go cup after the player visits him for some caffeine each day for a little while. With this, the player can walk around the town with a cup of coffee in their hand and press the Y button to take sips. After 4 drinks of coffee, the player will chug the rest down, and the coffee cup will disappear from the inventory,

With each sip, the player character will look refreshed and happy.

Working part-time[]

Once the player has been getting his/her coffee daily from Brewster, either from sitting at the counter or grabbing a quick cup to go, he will eventually offer a part-time job at the café. If one agrees to help him, the player will be put behind the to-go counter for a while and the player will make orders for the locals who appear. The only problem is that out of the three varying options of type, sugar, and milk, the villager or NPC will only tell one or two that they desire. The rest is luck, unless the player wants to check out the coffee guide here[]

Keeping track of the locals' favorite coffee makes satisfied customers, and although it takes a lot of time and effort, if the player guesses correctly on all three ingredients, the player will recieve a compliment and make the customer happy. 

The player will be paid for their work, as in every other part-time job, and the type of payment the player will recieve depends on their performance. Below is a list of all the items that can be obtained from working for Brewster.

  • Café uniform (Sells for 360 Bells)
  • Espresso maker (Sells for 500 Bells)
  • Coffeemaker (Sells for 800 Bells)
  • Cream and sugar (Sells for 1,000 Bells)
  • Coffee grinder (Sells for 1,600 Bells)
  • Siphon (Sells for 1,780 Bells)
  • Coffee cup (Sells for 2,000 Bells)
  • Note: You can't obtain the Café themed items again after you've sold them.
  • Normal coffee beans (Sells for 2,000 Bells)
  • Superb coffee beans (Sells for 2,400 Bells)
  • Note: You can sell Superb Coffee Beans for 7,500 bells if you put it for sale on the Flea Market.
  • Mini brewstoid, a Brewster-themed gyroid (Sells for 3,312 Bells)
  • Brewstoid, a Brewster-themed gyroid (Sells for 3,312 Bells)
  • Mega brewstoid, a Brewster-themed gyroid (Sells for 3,312 Bells)
  • Tall brewstoid, a Brewster-themed gyroid (Sells for 3,312 Bells)