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Time traveling (also known as TT'ing) involves setting the 3DS clock or the in-game clock to a different time in order to take advantage of time-specific events in New Leaf. This practice is sometimes considered a form of cheating, as it speeds up processes such as public works projects and other construction.


  • House expansions will be completed
  • Public works projects and shop upgrades/new shops will be completed (construction takes between 1 and 5 days depending on the nature of the build.)
  • Fast-forwarding or rewinding to a holiday or event like the Summer Solstice or New Year's Eve allows the player to play on days he/she might miss due to other obligations
  • Shops will restock their items

Side effects[]

Before time traveling, there are several things to take into consideration. Time traveling can have very prominent unwanted effects in the game.

  • If time traveling is done more than a day, flowers may wilt and die without someone to water them.
  • Every day the player time travels forward, more weeds will grow.
  • Time traveling forward multiple days in one go still only counts as one day for building project purposes. 
  • Villagers will move away faster.

    A player distressed about losing a prized villager and co-mayor.

  • The player will get bed head.
  • The mailbox will fill up.
  • Cockroaches will appear in the player's house.

Note: Many of these effects, esp. those lower on the list, will only happen if long periods of time are skipped.


These are some tips for the player if they want to time travel

  • Any flowers that the player does not want to die should be kept inside his/her house or in a storage container like a closet.
  • The Beautiful Town ordinance will lessen the effects of wilting flowers and weeds, as well as deter cockroaches.
  • Any turnips in the player's possession will instantly rot upon time traveling backwards. The player can time travel forwards
  • It is recommended to change the 3DS clock, rather than the in-game clock. If the in-game clock is changed it will be out of sync with the 3DS clock.