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Tools are handheld items in Animal Crossing that use the "Use" button to perform various tasks, such a digging a hole, catching an insect, or watering flowers. There are 8 tools in Animal Crossing: New Leaf, and all of them (with exception for the Megaphone and Timer) have silver and gold varieties. To quickly access tools in Animal Crossing: New Leaf, press the +Directional Pad to the left or right.  Pressing left or right again will swap between the tools that you have in your pockets.  Press the +Directional Pad down to put the current tool back into your pocket.


Basic Axe[]

Silver Axe[]

Golden Axe[]

Fishing Rod[]

Basic Fishing Rod[]

This is used to catch fish from rivers and seas. It can be obtained from the Nooklings' shop on days that Timmy works, or from Isabelle during her tutorial quest if you choose to fish and are unable to obtain the rod from the shop.

Silver Fishing Rod[]

This fishing rod is sold at the second floor of the museum.

Golden Fishing Rod[]


The Megaphone is an item exclusive to New Leaf that is used with the 3DS's microphone to call villagers, as well as any special characters that may be outside. The villager or special character will respond once their name is called, alerting the player where they are located in a chat bubble like the multiplayer chat bubbles.

Villagers who are inside their homes, awake or asleep, will not react. Also, if the player is near the villager they are calling, the player can see them being shocked, and if they are directly next to the villager, he or she will become angry at the player for yelling in their ear.

The player can also use the megaphone as an alternative to waking up Gulliver, and he will quickly get up and react as if he were still on a ship. When used while Gulliver is in town, but the player is not on the beach, a message reading "No answer..." will appear. And if a snowman is called during every other season besides winter, the message "There aren't any snowmen around this time of year!" appears.


The Timer is a tool that made its debut in Animal Crossing: Wild World. It is used to set a countdown for either 3, 5, 10, or 15 minutes. This can be done by selecting the timer's icon in the player's pocket, tapping "Time", and then the desired amount of time. Once a time has been set, a blue bar displaying "Start timer!" appears, a long with the sound of a whistle. The timer may be stopped at any time by tapping it's icon again and selecting "Stop". The blue bar will appear again, with "Stop timer!" and another whistle blow.

Timers are often used in Wi-Fi multiplayer sessions, during custom games, or fishing, bug catching, or deep-sea creature diving contests. A useful feature of the timer, other than counting time, is that it can display how many fishbugs, or deep-sea creatures each player has caught. When the timer ends, chat bubbles showing how many of each were caught appear above all players, so one player may see how many creatures another has caught. The timer also works while not playing multiplayer.

The timer is also used by Tortimer during tours on the island, and has the same function. However, it will only keep track of one specific type of item, the item relating to the tour the player is doing. For example, if the player is playing a fossil hunting tour, the timer shows how many fossils. If they are on one of the item-matching tours, the number of pairs of furniture left to match is displayed.


Basic Net[]

This is sold in the Nookling shop on days that Tommy works. It can also be obtained during Isabelle's tutorial questline by choosing to catch bugs and coming back and telling her you were unable to obtain the net from the shop.

Silver Net[]

Golden Net[]


Basic Shovel[]

The Shovel is a tool that is used to dig up fossils, hit rocks, and dig or fill holes.

It's sold in the Nooklings shop for 500 bells.

Striking rocks with the shovel can have a variety of effects, much like shaking trees does.

  • The shovel bounces off, gaining nothing
  • The rock breaks, revealing a gemstone
  • One "lucky rock" in town will spit out bells. This can be done repeatedly until the rock is exhausted, at which point the shovel will just bounce off. Which rock this is changes after you exhaust one lucky rock's supply.

Silver Shovel[]

Golden Shovel[]


Basic Slingshot[]

This can be purchased at the T&T Mart.

Silver Slingshot[]

Golden Slingshot[]

Watering Can[]

The Watering Can is a tool that is used to water flowers to prevent them from wilting.

After you complete every task from Isabelle's advice on living, she will give you the watering can as a present.

Basic Watering Can[]

Silver Watering Can[]

Golden Watering Can[]

Isabelle will give you the golden watering can if you have a perfect town for 15 days.